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December 3, 2007
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ShiroAi "Little Kiss" by a1y-puff ShiroAi "Little Kiss" by a1y-puff
Well, this was the first sketch i made after a hell long time I didn't draw anything :XD:
This is actually a fanart since I draw real people in it.
These two are (from our left-right) Aiba Hiroki and Shirota Yuu, Japanese actors that once play together in the Musical Tennis no Oujisama.
it's a musical drama from a the manga Tennis no Oujisama (Prince of Tennis).
So that's why the're wearing Seigaku uniform.

After I finished coloring this, I kinda compared this pic to my previous arts for the shadings.
And I asked my mom's opinion.
She said that in this pic, the coloring looked more "alive" (?) then my previous ones.
She liked the way I colored their clothes, and their hair...
and she went "Hiiiih" while shivering as she saw this pic overally.
Well, I draw a kissing scene between boys, what can I say. I just smirked a bit at her :XD:

Now, please, wether or not you know them, or wether or not you're a fan of shonen-ai, please leave your comments!!
I need comments at my coloring and stuffs :XD:


For those who don't know these guys, well, I dun have much to say..
It's just... I thought that, hey, I've been writing Shonen-ai, so why not try to draw one? :XD:
And FYI, they're not gay in their real lives, it's just a fanart xD


And for those who knows these guys...
I ran out of my muse for writing on them, so i draw them instead :XD:
This scene probably took place outside of their dressing room, just before the show, I think...
They haven't even wear their mic on :XD:
So, Shirota was about to walk out of the room when Aiba pulled him and gave a li'l kiss as a good luck charm?
something like that xD

This is probably during Summer Hyoutei since I think Aiba's hair was a bit longer during Winter Hyoutei?
Anyway I know that my drawing doesn't really resemble them.
Well, at least I tried to draw their common features :XD:
For Aiba, I couldn't draw his scrawny figure with that jersey on, so I make her hair as neat as he was probably ironed and combed it perfectly :XD:
And for Shirota... all I could think about his common features were his big nose and his full lower lip ^^;
Oh, and probably that dorky look?

Anyway I made them in their Seigaku uniform so that you may take them as TezuFuji if you like..
but well, Aiba's dyed-hairstyle is still a bit different from Fuji's hairstyle and color, ne?
And I doubt that Tezuka would make that kind of stupid face, which Shirota would :XD:

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kunichan4eva0810 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2011   Traditional Artist
OMG TezuFuji?!
PTDaHood Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2008   Writer
I like the hair, and the clothing comes close to realistic.
Shirota Yuu looks cuter here than in reality.
a1y-puff Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks so much! glad you liked it <3
Arafinwe Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2008
Oh my god, I love them both so much!!
Yu is soooo hot and Hiroki is soooo pretty.... :drool: AWESOMEFANTASTICAMAZINGBEAUTIFULomgomgomgI'mgonnafangirlmyselftodeath picture :love:

...sorry, I make no sense :floating:
a1y-puff Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you :D
I love them sooo much too! now I miss them >.<
and thanks again! I'm glad you liked it XD
Arafinwe Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2008
You're very welcome!! :aww:
Waah, they're both so... :drool::iconnosebleedplz::faint: :ambulance: You know? ;) xD
tupluz-cihuy Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2008
Wiyy,, Co ma co y??
Tmenq jg ad lh0 yg hobi gbr ky gt! h0h0..
a1y-puff Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Ho-oh, dan yg q gambar itu orangnya ada beneran, aktor Jepang, LoL
Pasti temenmu cewe yah? XD XD
Heheh.. emang nih hobi agak nyeleneh, tp banyak cewe suka, haha~ XD
rainy--day Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2008
Cute scene! *screaming like mad*
I really like Shirotan and Aiba-chan~ -/////- :heart:
a1y-puff Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Thankieees~~ XD
U like them? I also have fics on them but all in my LJ
if you're interested, please visit [link]
I also have other TezuFuji fics there XD
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